what are you?
necromancer and soul stealer
AKA generic catgirl #69420what can i call you?
either lina or nekro are fine! but i prefer lina
when is your birthday?
september 5
where do you live?
a castle in the sky
when do you stream?
i always post my schedules on twitter or in my discord
what do you stream?
mainly just chatting with variety here and there
do you play any games off stream?
not really anymore :( i'm too busy to play any games outside of stream most of the time
will you do a face reveal?
no ♡
did you draw your model?
no, i commissioned an artist to draw the model. i did do the rigging
what do you use to move your model?
vtubestudio with ipad for face tracking
what mic do you use?
shure sm7b
how did you rig your model?
i used a program called live2d, you can find tutorials on youtube
will you stream your rigging process?
no, i prefer working off stream
do you take commissions?
i do not
will you teach me how to rig my model?